Google Launches Generative AI-Powered Video Feature in Workspace


Key Takeaways:

– Google Workspace premium subscribers will access new generative AI capabilities.
– Company’s AI model Gemini to power these capabilities.
– Google Vids, the AI-powered video creation app, to debut these features.
– Announcements came during the Google Cloud Next ’24 event.


Premium subscribers of Google Workspace are set to enjoy new features courtesy of Google LLC. The new releases, backed by the company’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) model, Gemini, bring fresh capabilities to the workspace. Notably, Google Vids, an AI-powered video creation app, will headline these offerings. The unveiling occurred during the Google Cloud Next ’24 event in Las Vegas.

What’s New in Google Workspace?

Google LLC brings innovation to its premium customers through Google Workspace, its productivity tools suite. To improve user experience, Google Workspace will soon feature new generative AI capabilities. Capabilities this sophisticated have been made possible by Gemini, Google’s in-house AI model.

Among the many tools in Google’s Workspace, Google Vids takes the reins in the latest update. It uses the newly introduced generative artificial intelligence capabilities. Users will now be able to create videos using artificial intelligence, a milestone in Google’s suite of tools.

Google’s AI Model Gemini

The technological prowess behind the new features lies in Gemini, Google’s artificial intelligence model. Gemini powers the generative AI capabilities that Google Workspace’s premium users will now access. This move further showcases Google’s strides in AI development, presenting users with more sophisticated, efficient, and impressive tools.

Introduction of Google Vids

The inaugural feature to incorporate the new AI capabilities is Google Vids. It is an AI-powered video creation app within Google Workspace. Google Vids brings a wave of artificial intelligence into video creation, allowing users to harness the power of AI in generating their visual content.

The Google Cloud Next ’24 Announcement

Google chose to announce these updates at the annual Google Cloud Next ’24 event in Las Vegas. As one of the most significant events in the cloud industry, the unveiling of generative AI-powered features within Google Workspace underscores the progressiveness of Google’s product offerings.


With these new developments, Google LLC continues to dominate the workspace productivity marketplace. The introduction of generative AI capabilities within Google Workspace, starting with Google Vids, will increase the allure of their offerings. As we move forward, further advancements in AI-powered tools and their inclusion are anticipated in Google’s product suite.

Through incessant innovation, Google ensures that its Workspace remains unmatched in the realm of productivity tools. The unveiling of such sophisticated AI tools in this workspace confirms Google’s commitment to customer satisfaction and tool efficiency. As the tech industry continues to evolve, Google stays at the helm, leading with advancements such as the AI-powered video creation app.

As we await the full rollout of these features, it’s clear that Google Workspace premium subscribers are in for exciting, efficiency-enhancing additions. Whether it’s for personal use or to boost business productivity, users can look forward to a more synergized and dynamic workspace experience with Google.

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