Tech Roundup: Microsoft Lay-offs, Bezos Steers from Washington, EV Cable Thefts Up


Key Takeaways:
– Microsoft conducts a new round of employee layoffs.
– Jeff Bezos continues to sell Amazon stock after announcing his departure from Washington and sells $5 billion worth of shares.
– Electrical Vehicle charging cables theft is turning into an epidemic in Seattle.
– Snowflake set to move into a larger office in Bellevue for its growth strategy.
– Amazon discontinues Astro for Business to focus on Astro home robot.
– Universal Hydrogen shuts down just a year after its first successful flight.
– Warren Buffet announces the cessation of donations to the Gates Foundation post his demise.
– US Space Force adds Blue Origin and Stoke Space to their list of rapid-response, small-satellite launch service providers.

Microsoft’s Latest Employee Layoffs

Microsoft has let go of employees this week as part of an ongoing downsizing strategy. The Redmond-based tech giant has not released specific details, but this wave is the latest in a series of workforce cuts made this year.

Bezos Leaves Washington, Continues to Sell Amazon Stock

Jeff Bezos announced plans to sell more of his Amazon stocks this week, following his move from Washington state. This further ignited the ongoing debate over the state’s capital gains tax. His decision comes shortly after he sold 25 million Amazon shares, totaling $5 billion, on the day that Amazon hit a record high in the stock market.

Epidemic of EV Cable Thefts in Seattle

The past year has seen a surge in electrical vehicle (EV) charging cable thefts in Seattle, leaving EV drivers stranded while searching for fast chargers. Authorities estimate over 100 EV charging cables have been stolen, the thieves primarily after the copper components within the cables that fetch a fair price as scrap.

Snowflake’s Growth Plans Lead to Office Expansion

Cloud computing and data consolidator, Snowflake, has confirmed plans to relocate to a larger office in Bellevue, Washington. The move, scheduled for next year, reinforces the company’s growth goals for their Seattle-based engineering department.

Amazon Puts Business Robot Security on Hold

In a surprise turn, Amazon confirmed that it has discontinued its Astro for Business robot security guard. The tech giant will focus on the development of the Astro home robot instead.

Karen Clark Cole’s Departure from Seattle Tech

After building her legacy over 24 years at a Seattle tech firm, Karen Clark Cole is stepping out to explore new venture. Ms. Clark’s departure leaves quite a gap in the organization she helped build from the ground up.

Universal Hydrogen Closes its Doors

California-based Universal Hydrogen, known for its hybrid prototype of a hydrogen-fueled airplane, has announced its shutdown just a year after its introductory flight in Moses Lake, Washington.

Warren Buffet Announces Stoppage of Donations to Gates Foundation

Legendary investor Warren Buffett announced that his generous donations to the Gates Foundation will cease upon his demise, leaving the foundation to seek new funding avenues.

Blue Origin and Stoke Space Win US Space Force Contract

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Stoke Space, a startup located in Kent, Washington, have been greenlighted by the U.S. Space Force to bid for their rapid-response, small-satellite launch services. This development opens new possibilities for both enterprises.

This week has been another roller coaster ride in the tech and startup world, with major reshuffles in corporate strategies, unexpected shifts in personal portfolios and emerging market trends. Stay tuned for more in this dynamic, fast-paced landscape.

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