Amplify Your Acting Career: Commercial Extras Casting Call in Macon, Georgia


Every actor starts somewhere. Even the most high-profile performers had to earn their stripes before making it big. If you’re looking to make your debut and establish a name for yourself in the world of acting, the opportunity is knocking on your door right now.

Project Casting brings you an exciting opportunity to feature in a commercial shooting in Macon, Georgia. We are currently casting extras for several roles.

Key Takeaways

  • Commercial extras casting call in Macon, Georgia
  • Both experienced and first-timers are welcome
  • The shoot dates are December 10th to December 14th
  • Pay rate up to $75 per day

An Exciting Start to Your Acting Journey

The entertainment industry is booming with opportunities, and featuring in a commercial can be the perfect starting point for aspiring actors. Commercials require varied skills and characteristics, offering budding artists a chance to showcase their talent in a short yet impactful role.

Discover the Thrills of a Commercial Set

Being a part of a commercial shoot will introduce you to the dynamics of a live set. It’s an excellent way to gain firsthand experience in a professional production environment, familiarize yourself with the processes, and learn how to adapt to different roles and situations.

Make Collaborations in the Industry

Participating in a commercial also provides ample networking opportunities. It allows you to meet other industry people, such as fellow actors, directors, and casting agents, and establish useful contacts that can be instrumental in advancing your career.

Job Details

For this commercial, the production team is casting extras for several roles. The shoot is scheduled to take place from December 10th to December 14th in Macon, Georgia.

Job Responsibilities

As an extra, you will be required to fit into your assigned role, follow the director’s instructions, and contribute to creating the desired on-screen atmosphere for the commercial.


The casting call is open for individuals aged 18 to 70 years, regardless of acting experience. Those new to the field should not hesitate to apply as this could be an excellent learning and growth opportunity. All applicants must be available throughout the specified shooting dates and be comfortable adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols during the entirety of the production.


The pay for extras in this commercial is competitive with industry standards, with rates reaching up to $75 per day. Remember, the value of this opportunity extends beyond the financial reward. The experience you’ll earn and the connections you’ll make could be stepping stones to broader acting roles and larger projects.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you have some acting experience or are just starting, appearing in a commercial can plant the seeds for a successful acting career. Don’t overlook the opportunity to learn, explore, and pave the path for more significant opportunities in the acting industry. Follow the link and apply for the commercial extras casting call in Macon, Georgia right now – and who knows, this could be just the beginning of an exciting acting journey for you!

If you still have questions or need additional information, be sure to check our detailed casting call listing. Boost your acting career with this golden opportunity – step into the spotlight with our casting call today!

So, ready to make the leap into the thrilling world of commercials? Submit your application today and start the exciting journey!

Remember, every journey begins with a single step, and your acting career could be just a commercial away!

Apply now!

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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