Casting Call Alert: Join the Lainey Wilson Music Video as a Photo Double


If you’ve ever sought an opportunity to double for a top-notch music artist in a modern country music video, this blog post is your ticket to an exciting opportunity. Project Casting brings to you the latest casting call for Lainey Wilson’s upcoming music video. The talented country singer is in immediate need of a photo double, and you could potentially be the one they’ve been searching for!

Key Takeaways:

  • Casting opportunity for a high-profile music video
  • Role of a photo double for Lainey Wilson
  • Potential big break for aspiring artists in the film industry
  • A day job in Atlanta, Georgia

This casting call is a golden chance for up-and-coming artists looking to make a name in the film industry. Diving into the world of music video production allows you to expand your portfolio, network with industry professionals, and perhaps get noticed by casting directors.

The job as a photo double in a music video, particularly for an acclaimed personality like Lainey Wilson, is undoubtedly a stepping stone into an exhilarating career in showbiz. The successful candidate will experience firsthand what it’s like working behind the scenes on a high-profile project.

Job Details

The job primarily involves becoming a photo double for Lainey Wilson, in her forthcoming music video for her contemporary country song. Your tasks will include standing in for her during various non-performance scenes that don’t require her active presence.

Job Responsibilities

As a photo double, your primary responsibility is to replace Lainey Wilson in specific shots where her character is needed but she isn’t required to act. This role may involve perfectly replicating her movements, and gestures, or even interpreting the artistic intent behind certain scenes.


The ideal candidate must be a female aged between 18-30 years, possessing a height of 5’3”, and hairstyling & color akin to Lainey’s. Being in the sneaker size range of 7-9 is yet another requirement. Previous experience in a similar role is an added advantage, however, newcomers are also encouraged to audition, provided they align with the physical requirements listed.

In addition, you must be available for a day’s work on Friday, the 16th of October 2020, with the shoot set to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. Having said that, applicants must take into account that the dates are typically subject to change based on the production timeline or unforeseen circumstances.


The designated photo double is set to be compensated with a rate of $150/12 hours. While the compensation might not seem hefty, the experience and exposure that you gain are undeniably invaluable.


In conclusion, if you’re an aspiring actor or model who loves country music, this is the music video casting call you don’t want to miss. Working on a Lainey Wilson’s video is an opportunity not just to learn and grow in the industry, but also to showcase your dedication and talent.

Hurry, as the casting team awaits your submissions. The exciting world of music and entertainment is just an audition away, and this could just be the breakthrough you’ve been yearning for!

Remember, standby for such opportunities on the Project Casting platform to keep up with casting calls, auditions, and jobs that align with your career goals in the film industry. The perfect job may be just a click away!

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Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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