Exciting Opportunity: Open Casting Call for Hi-Tech Company Video Shoot


Are you mesmerized by the world of modern technology? Do you dream of being on screen and sharing the magic of technology with the world? A hi-tech company is looking to harness your potential with an open casting call for an upcoming video shoot. Project Casting is here to give you the latest scoop. Every information here is to help you secure your spot in the cutting-edge world of technology through this exciting opportunity.

Key takeaways:

  • A unique chance to participate in a tech company’s exciting video shoot.
  • Various roles are available for both males and females.
  • No acting experience is necessary, beginners are welcome.
  • Shooting will be in Atlanta, Georgia.

Casting Call for Tech Enthusiasts

The hi-tech company in question has not been publicly named yet, creating an air of surprise and sparking uncontrollable curiosity. What we do know is that the shoot will feature a promotional video aiming to highlight the wonders of technology —covering various facets of the company’s innovative products and services. This open casting call is a golden opportunity for tech enthusiasts to be part of an intriguing project illustrating the future of hi-tech products.

Be A Part of the Tech Revolution

The casting call is open to both men and women, aged between 20 and 55. From younger techies to mature technology enthusiasts, everyone is welcome. Acting experience is not a prerequisite as the company is looking for authentic faces that can connect with the audience, thereby making the technology more approachable to the general public. This is a chance to demonstrate how technology is not just for the engineers in Silicon Valley, but something everyone can enjoy and benefit from.

Job Details

The video shoot is scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia. While the specific date hasn’t been released yet, those interested in participating are advised to have a flexible schedule.

Job Responsibilities

The central responsibility would be portraying various roles in the promotional video for this hi-tech company. Whether you’re acting as an enthusiastic consumer trying out a new gadget or a professional showcasing a hi-tech solution, your primary role will be effectively communicating the company’s innovative products to the audience in a relatable manner.


No acting experience is necessary to participate in the video shoot. The casting is open to both males and females aged 20 to 55. Applicants must have a professional demeanor, be comfortable in front of a camera, and possess a genuine interest in technology.


For your time and contribution to the project, you will receive $150/8 hours of work. This compensation covers both actual shooting time and any preparation or wait times during the shoot day.

This open casting call for a hi-tech company’s video shoot presents a fantastic opportunity not just for aspiring actors, but anyone interested in technology. So why wait? It’s time to be bold and step into the spotlight. Who knows, you may just become the fresh new face of technology!

Remember, craft your application with authenticity and make sure to showcase your passion for technology. Stay tuned to Project Casting for more exciting casting calls and opportunities. All the best for the auditions! Be part of storytelling that brings hi-tech closer to people around the world.

Casting calls are always a doorway to new experiences, and the journey is often as rewarding as the goal. Whether you’re an accomplished actor or a beginner, there’s something for everyone in this exciting world. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by— take part in the hi-tech revolution today!

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