Feature Your European Car in Upcoming Los Angeles Shoot


Every car enthusiast loves to show off their prized possession, but how about featuring them in an exceptional Los Angeles shoot, where they get to make lasting impressions on camera? Project Casting presents a unique opportunity where owners of European cars can lend their vehicles for an appealing Los Angeles casting call. Not only will your car get the limelight, but this also gives you a great chance to engage with the production team and even earn money for the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open casting call in Los Angeles
  • Seeking European cars for an upcoming shoot
  • Owners will earn $300/day
  • Engage with the production team behind the scenes
  • Experience how a professional shoot unfolds

Opportunity Awaits for European Car Owners

Whether you own a sleek BMW, an elegant Mercedes-Benz, or a vintage Mini Cooper, the casting call is open for all European makes, ensuring that a multitude of styles and eras is represented. Each chosen car will not only have an exciting part to play in the production but will also add unique character and authenticity to the setting.

The Exciting World of Film Production

Imagine the thrill of your car being a part of a professional movie or TV show shoot. This experience goes beyond just adding another notch to the bragging rights column. As an active participant, you’ll receive the opportunity to interact with the production team, observe how a professional shoot unfolds, and understand all the hard work and dedication that goes into creating stunning visuals.

Job Details

The casting call is currently open, and we encourage all European car owners in Los Angeles to apply. This shoot offers a peek behind the scenes of TV/film production and the chance to meet like-minded car enthusiasts and industry experts.

Job Responsibilities

As the car owner, your primary responsibility will be to ensure that your vehicle is production-ready. This includes necessary cleaning, small maintenance tasks, and ensuring the car is in excellent running condition. Essentially, your beloved vehicle should be ready for its close-up!

Besides this, the participant’s responsibilities include being present during production days, adhering to specified times, and understanding the standard guidelines or regulations provided by the production team.


To be eligible for this opportunity, the key requirement is having a European car. The make and model don’t matter as much as the car being in good condition and having that distinctive European charm.

Besides, the applicants must be located in or around Los Angeles, given the nature of the shoot. It would also be beneficial for applicants to be open to learning new things and adapting to the dynamic environment of a professional production set.


Every chosen car owner will receive a great compensation package. For each production day, there’s a paycheck of $300. This payment covers the car, the owner’s time, and any minor wear and tear. It’s an amazing chance for car buffs to put their prized possessions to work, literally.

Building Connections & Experiences

Working on a professional set is always a memorable experience. As you watch your car become part of a significant project, you will be contributing to something much bigger. And who knows, this could open doors to more exhilarating opportunities for you and your remarkable vehicle.

We hope that all European car owners in Los Angeles will make the most out of this exclusive casting call. While it’s a fantastic occasion to show off your car’s beauty and class, it’s also an opportunity to appreciate the endeavor that goes behind film production. Don’t let this chance drive past – embrace the opportunity that’s knocking at your garage door!

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