NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ Casting Call: A Golden Opportunity for Your Car to Shine on Screen!


In the fast-paced world of entertainment, here’s your chance to make your automobile a superstar!. NBC’s popular drama series ‘Chicago Fire’ is casting for cars. A unique opportunity, it invites vehicle owners to be a part of this incredible experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire’ is currently casting for cars.
  • A golden opportunity for your car to be part of a popular TV series.
  • Non-union job offering competitive compensation.
  • Open call with no restriction on car model or year.

Don’t blink, or you might miss this fascinating chance to show off your prized possession in an entirely different spotlight!

Opportunity to Shine

NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire,’ a staple of their thrilling primetime lineup, explores the lives of firefighters, rescue squad, and paramedics in the Chicago Fire Department. It provides intriguing insights into the professional and personal lives of these brave public servants, making it a beloved show among audiences worldwide. Now, the hit show opens its doors, or rather, its parking lots, for vehicles to form a part of their latest filming.

An Open Call for All Cars

This casting call is not restricted to any specific car models or years. It’s an open call, throwing opportunity to the winds, and a burst of luck can land your car a role in the series! Whether you own a vintage, a luxury sedan, or a sweet little hatchback, this is your chance. Keep in mind that the autos should be fully operational, as they’ll be utilized in an active filming environment.

Enticing Rewards Await!

While the thrill of seeing your vehicle in one of the episodes of a globally adored series is a reward in itself, it’s not the only treat in store. This non-union job offers competitive pay for your vehicle’s time on set. In addition, the vehicle owners will also receive additional compensation for their time.

Job Details

This unique job will involve having your car used in the filming of episodes for NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire.’ This Chicago-based job requires the cars to be operational and reliable, as they will get to perform in a thriving filming setting.

Job Responsibilities

The job responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring the car is in full operating condition.
  • Being available throughout the filming duration where the vehicle is required.
  • Cooperating with the production team regarding vehicle usage guidelines.

Job Requirements

The essential requirements for this position are:

  • Chicago-based or willing to travel
  • The car must be in fully operational condition.


In return for your services, you will receive compensation that is competitive for the film and entertainment industry. Besides the monetary rewards, imagine the thrill of pointing out your vehicle on the screen as it basks in the glory of its camera moment!

Nobody ever said only humans could be stars! In today’s world, opportunities stretch far and wide, and this one might just make your beloved vehicle the next talk of the town. So, crank those engines, and get ready to roll under the spotlight. It’s time your four-wheeler tasted some fame! Whether you’re an automobile enthusiast, a television aficionado, or someone attracted by the unique, this opportunity is your call. Grab it before it drives away! Applications are open, and all roads lead to NBC’s ‘Chicago Fire.’ Good luck!

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