Seize the Spotlight: Exquisite Opportunity to Star in the Short Film ‘Olga’


Aspiring actors and enthusiasts, gear up! A promising casting call for the short film ‘Olga’ has sprung up, offering an incredible window to exhibit your acting prowess. If nurturing a dream to grace the silver screen has always been your secret ambition, this opportunity might be the stepping stone to your potentially star-studded career.

Key Takeaways:

  • Open casting call for ‘Olga,’ a short film
  • Different roles available, catering to a diverse age range
  • No acting experience required
  • Filming to take place in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Remuneration at industry-compliant rates

Opportunity Overview

The door to the world of showbiz has been thrown wide open with the casting call for the short film ‘Olga’. The production is in search of enthusiastic and dynamic individuals, ready to embrace various available roles. The film, set to shoot in Kansas City, Missouri, is rooted in the storyline that ensures all the characters get their fair share of the limelight.

To all those who have been eagerly scouring job boards for a casting call – your search ends here. Grab this chance to mark your debut on the screen with the short film ‘Olga’.

Job Details

A wide array of roles is up for grabs in this open casting call. Aging is no issue here, with the production house looking for humans right from the budding age of 10 up to 70 years. There are slots for both genders, presenting the opportunity to a broad scope of individuals.

Job Responsibilities

As an actor for the short film ‘Olga’, you’ll be tasked with delivering on the quintessential responsibilities associated with acting. The job will need you to embody assigned characters fully and portray their emotions convincingly while staying true to the script. Utmost collaboration with your co-stars and the entire production team will be an essential part of the job.


Most significantly, the casting call for ‘Olga’ does not mandate prior acting experience. As long as you are passionate about acting and have the drive to make a character come alive on screen, you are considered a suitable candidate. The only situational requirement is the selected candidates’ availability for the shooting period, which is planned in Kansas City, Missouri. This gig is indeed a golden opportunity for novices looking for a breakthrough in the acting world.


In terms of compensation, rest assured, you will be rewarded for your efforts per industry standards. We understand the effort and dedication that goes into bringing a character to life, and the pay will mirror this sentiment.

The path to any grand success is paved with humble yet essential beginnings. This is your chance to take that first leap that may potentially catapult you to the dizzying heights of fame. Remember, every star that shines brightly today was once a beginner who grabbed an opportunity when it presented itself. This casting call for ‘Olga’ could be the optimum start for you.

What matters the most here is your grit, dedication, passion for acting, and of course, a little whimsy to dream big. For if we accomplish nothing else in this lifetime, we must dare to dream and convert those lofty dreams into reality – after all, reality is but a canvas of our own making. This casting call for the short film ‘Olga’ promises just that – a chance to paint your dreams on the significant canvas of life.

And so, we urge you to seize this opportunity, unencumbered by self-doubt or hesitation. Step into the spotlight, take a deep breath, and let your talent shine — audition for ‘Olga’ today!

So, dreamers and actors alike, are you ready for your close-up?

Apply now!

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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