Texas Health and Human Services Print Campaign Casting Call


Are you a budding talent searching for the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and drive your career forward? Consider this your chance to shine. There is a casting call for the Texas Health and Human Services print campaign, providing a golden gateway for actors and models to experience the thrill of professional portfolio work!

In collaboration with On Location Casting, Texas Health and Human Services is on the prowl for unique individuals who embody their brand’s philosophy. They are now accepting applicants for various roles that will be featured in their upcoming print campaign. The quest to identify the most exceptional talents is now on.

Key Takeaways:

  • An upcoming print campaign is seeking talents.
  • On Location Casting collaborates with Texas Health and Human Services for this project.
  • The audition provides paid opportunities with non-union contract status.

Harnessing Diverse Talent

Casting directors from On Location Casting find value in diversifying and incorporating real-life roles. As such, they take pride in encouraging everyone with the passion and the drive to take part in the casting.

Never shy away from opportunities since On Location Casting is eager to discover talents across different age groups, genders, backgrounds, and body types. They’re on the lookout for the next unique face who can bring authenticity to real-life roles.

Unleashing Your Potential

The audition for the Texas Health and Human Services print campaign is the perfect stage to unleash your potential. It’s an opportunity for you to do what you love, get noticed, and get paid!

While these print campaign gigs may seem like fleeting opportunities, they could be the springboard for significant roles in the future. You never know who might spot your talent.

Job Details

The Texas Health and Human Services and On Location Casting are offering roles in the upcoming print campaign. The castings are not restricted to any single group, opening a broad spectrum of opportunities for diverse individuals.

Job Responsibilities

Those cast for the upcoming print campaign will need to commit to the shooting schedules, which include 14-hour workdays for minors and longer hours for adults. Cast members will be required to adhere to the project’s professional guidelines and standards, demonstrating commitment, reliability, and a positive, cooperative demeanor on set.


Ideal applicants should have:

  • A genuine passion for acting or modeling
  • A positive attitude and work ethic
  • The ability to follow directions and maintain a professional demeanor
  • The ability to run through scenes multiple times if necessary

There are no specific qualifications for this casting call, enhancing its inclusivity. Everyone with the passion and dedication to explore the domains of acting or modeling is encouraged to apply.


One major highlight of this opportunity is the compensation. Selected adults will receive payment of $800 for up to 8 hours of work, while minors will be paid $500 for up to 8 hours.

Forge Ahead with this Casting Call

Embrace this casting call opportunity with the Texas Health and Human Services print campaign. It is avenues like these that pave the way for raw talent to make their mark in the entertainment industry. So, prepare your profile, pour your passion into your work, and gear up to dazzle the casting directors and make your entry into a promising career path. Good luck!

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