Akto Unveils Ground-breaking GenAI Security Testing Solution


Key Takeaways:

– Akto has launched the first proactive platform to address GenAI security threats.
– The platform identifies vulnerabilities in GenAI and large language models (LLMs) using advanced algorithms and test scenarios.
– GenAI applications carry potential risks of exposing sensitive data through a variety of attack mechanisms.
– Reports suggest that rapid advancement in generative AI outpaces current organizational efforts to safeguard data.
– The launch of Akto’s platform signifies a notable stride towards providing a secure environment for GenAI deployment.

In response to the rising concerns on data security and governance with the burgeoning adoption of Generative AI (GenAI), Akto, a forerunner in API security solutions, has launched a novel GenAI Security Testing solution. This state-of-the-art service is geared towards bolstering the security features of GenAI and large language models (LLMs).

Overcoming Data Security Challenges

With the mounting usage of AI and related services, numerous studies, including a fresh off the press report by Primavera, have highlighted data security as a primary impediment to the adoption and effective deployment of GenAI. As per Akto’s releases, an organization, on average often employs about 10 GenAI models, with most LLMs indirectly receiving and processing vast volumes of sensitive data through APIs. This method of operation creates a ripe ground for potential security breaches.

Data Incursion: A Menacing Reality

Menlo, a market leader in browser safety, unveiled a report stating that more than half of the GenAI inputs contain delicate and personally identifiable information. Despite a 26% spike in organizational security regulations, the swift advancement of GenAI surpasses the efforts made to minimize the risks of data exposure.

The study further indicates a soaring increase by 80% in attempted file uploads to GenAI websites, denominating it as a significant cybersecurity risk. It urges organizations to update their application list, preventing any potential gaps in the security safeguards.

Addressing Threats with Advanced Solutions

Akto’s pioneering GenAI Security Testing solution successfully detects and addresses such security threats using cutting-edge algorithms. Boasting of over 60 pre-installed test scenarios, developed by Akto’s experts in GenAI security, the testing solution covers an extensive range of GenAI vulnerabilities.

The testing functions by “sanitizing the output of LLMs” and identifying possible weaknesses. It detects attempts to inject harmful codes or other potential cyber attacks that may compromise the system’s security. This innovative testing solution also evaluates the GenAI application’s propensity to create irrelevant or false reports.

Akto’s Chief Technology Officer, Ankush Jain, explained the methodology stating, “The tests aim to exploit LLM vulnerabilities through various encoding methods, separators, and markers. This precisely pinpoints the weak areas where developers incorporate the input or use specific markers around it”.

CEO’s Demonstration Illuminates Real-World Security Challenges

To lend insights into the capabilities of Akto’s novel platform, its CEO, Ankita, is scheduled to present a demonstration at the esteemed Austin API Summit 2024. This presentation aims to illuminate the practical challenges faced in maintaining GenAI security and showcase Akto’s platform’s resilience in mitigating such vulnerabilities.

As the surge in GenAI integration continues, Akto maintains its prominence in leading the way in proactive security testing for GenAI applications. The unveiling of this new tool further underscores Akto’s unwavering commitment to fostering a more secure environment for GenAI applications.

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