Asha Sharma Appointed to Lead Microsoft’s AI Product, Returns to Seattle


Key takeaways:

– Former Instacart COO Asha Sharma takes up a new role at Microsoft.
– Sharma is thrilled to join Microsoft in shaping the future with AI.
– She looks forward to her return to Seattle and contributing to the region’s growth.
– Other significant personnel changes were noticed across the Pacific Northwest.

Asha Sharma: From Instacart to Microsoft

Former COO of Instacart, Asha Sharma, gears up to return to Seattle for an exciting role with Microsoft’s AI platform. Sharma, who served as Instacart’s COO since 2021, is now set to bring her leadership skills to the tech giant. Her new role involves leading Microsoft’s AI product development, a challenge Sharma eagerly anticipates.

At a Glance: Sharma’s Stellar Career

Prior to her stint at Instacart, Sharma held significant positions at Meta where she was the Vice President of product and the Seattle-based Porch Group, where she was the COO. Having worked with Microsoft from 2011 to 2013, Sharma is eager to rejoin the company and contribute to Seattle’s growth at a crucial time.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

In a post on LinkedIn, Asha Sharma enthusiastically announced her role at Microsoft. She shared her belief that AI-related advances will be revolutionary, shaping the future of how billions of people work, live and program. The future seems promising with gains in various fields through the application of AI.

Microsoft: A Leader in Transformation

Sharma expressed her thrill to join Microsoft, a company at the forefront of this transformation. She sees the opportunity as a chance to help define and build a future where AI plays a crucial role. Being part of a team that leads this transformation is a challenge Sharma is eager to embrace.

Other Key Personnel Changes Across the Pacific Northwest

In addition to Sharma’s career move, several other notable personnel changes have taken place across the Pacific Northwest. Justin Althoff, CCO at Microsoft, joined the Ecolab board, while Prasadh Cadambi, CAO at ZoomInfo since 2021, resigned on February 26. Cadambi plans to stay on board as Senior Vice President of Finance until April in a transition role.

Additionally, Seattle’s Athira Pharma announced the appointment of Rachel Lennington as CDO and Samantha Willing as Chief People Officer. The satellite startup, LeoStella, named Paula Tomlinson as the Director of Software Engineering, while Electric Era has a new Head of Marketing, Marina Resto Black.

Returning to Seattle

Sharma expressed excitement about her return to Seattle. Her prior work commitment involved weekly travel, but she is ready to settle back into the city again. Sharma’s journey has been both impressive and motivating, with her work-life balance and personal achievements also gaining notable media attention.

In conclusion, this transition phase in the tech industry, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, suggests exciting times ahead. Through strategic appointments of experienced leaders like Asha Sharma, companies like Microsoft continue to innovate, making significant strides in shaping the future of technology.

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