Secures $10.5M to Expand Recycling Database and Platform


Key Takeaways:
–, a sustainable sourcing platform, announced it has raised $10.5 million.
– The funding will be used to broaden the database of post-consumer recycled materials and enhance the platform for streamlining the purchasing and selling process of these materials.
– plans to expand its platform to include paper along with plastics.

Sustainable sourcing platform Circular Exchange Inc., operating as, announced the successful procurement of $10.5 million funding recently. The company specifically focuses on post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials and aims to employ the raised funds for expanding its PCR materials database and for making the buying and selling of these materials more streamlined. Importantly, has its sight set beyond just plastics; it plans on integrating paper into its platform. Eyeing Expansion With New Funding

The newly raised capital will play a crucial role in enabling the deepening and broadening of’s database of recycled materials. Additionally, it will help enhance the platform that facilitates the efficient purchase and sale of PCR materials. The expansion of the platform is not limited to just plastics; it will also begin covering paper materials.

The move comes as businesses increasingly recognize the need for sustainable sourcing solutions. In response,’s platform helps in connecting the suppliers and buyers of recycled materials, thereby fueling a more sustainable economy.

Digitizing the Recycling Industry

Built on the ideal of making the recycling industry more streamlined and efficient,’s digital platform centralizes and simplifies the process of buying and selling post-consumer recycled materials. With its unique concept and strong technological backing, the platform is rapidly revolutionizing the recycling industry.

Looking Forward: From Plastics to Paper

Looking towards the future, is not just content in improving its plastic recycling sector. Recognizing the immense potential in recycling paper, the company is enthusiastic about expanding its platform to cover this sector as well. This is a significant move towards a broader, more comprehensive recycling model, keeping the planet’s sustainability in mind.

Closing Thoughts

In today’s world, issues of sustainability and sustainability-centered businesses are rising in importance. Companies like, with their forward-thinking vision and progressive operational model, are at the forefront of driving this change. By facilitating large-scale recycling, they are carving the path for a more sustainable and eco-friendly economy.

Overall, the recent fund raising by marks a key milestone for the company and for the recycling industry. It also denotes a welcomed positive vibe for all the promoters of sustainable solutions. With more such initiatives and innovations on the horizon, the future appears brighter for our planet.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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