Cyolo Limited Teams Up with TD SYNNEX to Strengthen Secure Remote Access


Key Takeaways:
– Remote privileged access management firm Cyolo Ltd. forms alliance with IT distribution company TD SYNNEX Corp.
– The partnership aims to bolster secure remote access solutions for industrial firms.
– TD SYNNEX partners can now provide their clients with advanced secure remote access via Cyolo’s Cyolo PRO platform.

Remote privileged access management specialist company, Cyolo Ltd., has announced a strategic partnership with IT distribution firm TD SYNNEX Corp. The new alliance seeks to enhance secure remote access solutions for industrial businesses.

New Partnership Boosts Remote Access Security

Cyolo’s collaboration with TD SYNNEX will empower the latter’s partners to offer their clients enhanced secure remote access capabilities. This would be achievable via Cyolo’s distributed Cyolo PRO platform. This development is positioned to significantly augment the secure remote access solutions currently available to industrial enterprises.

The Cyolo PRO platform is a cutting-edge innovation that enables service providers and IT departments to deliver secure and efficient remote access solutions. The collaboration with TD SYNNEX creates an avenue for a broader audience to benefit from Cyolo’s innovative platform.

Benefits to Industrial Enterprises

This new partnership signals a significant step forward in secure remote access for industrial enterprises. With threats to sensitive data and systems escalating, industrial firms are in desperate need for robust and protective measures. The advanced secure remote access offered by the Cyolo PRO platform, now accessible through TD SYNNEX, presents a potent answer to these cyber threats.

TD SYNNEX partners can now provide a more comprehensive service to their clients by harnessing Cyolo’s advanced technology. The platform promises a reliable solution to security concerns related to remote access.

Understanding the Cyolo PRO Platform

The Cyolo PRO platform offers innovative features poised to revolutionize secure remote access. It can accommodate an array of service providers and IT segments, creating opportunities for a multitude of firms to enhance their remote access security.

What the Future Holds

With continued advancements in technology and increasing reliance on remote work, the need for robust security measures is more crucial than ever. The Cyolo-TD SYNNEX partnership has set the ball rolling towards a future where secure remote access is not just an option but a standard.

The collaboration between Cyolo and TD SYNNEX could herald a new era in secure remote access, providing companies with much-needed peace of mind. The partnership promises to transform the landscape of cyber-security, highlighting the importance of secure remote access in a world continually leaning towards digitization.

In conclusion, the Cyolo-TD SYNNEX partnership is a significant milestone in the journey towards comprehensive secure remote access solutions. This venture stands as a testament to the innovation and collaboration required to meet the cyber-security challenges of the digital age. With remote work and digitization becoming increasingly prevalent, ensuring secure remote access is an absolute necessity, and Cyolo and TD SYNNEX are leading the charge.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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