Five Nominees for GeekWire’s Health Innovation of the Year Award Unveil Their Medical Breakthroughs


Key Takeaways:
– Five finalists for Health Innovation of the Year at the GeekWire Awards represent technological advances in healthcare, life science, and biotechnology.
– Last year’s winner, AltPep, developed a test to identify early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
– The 2024 Award nominees include: A-Alpha Bio, AdaptX, adyn, CalmWave, and Proprio.
– Community voting for the GeekWire Awards continues until April 12.
– The winner will be announced on May 9 at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle.

Bold Moves in the Health Sector: GeekWire Award Finalists

Five impressive finalists for the Health Innovation of the Year have been announced at the GeekWire Awards. These innovators, pushing the boundaries of technology in healthcare, stand to potentially change our lives or improve our healthcare system.

A Closer Look at the Nominees

Spotlight on A-Alpha Bio

The Seattle-based startup, A-Alpha Bio, spins out of the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington. They combine computational tools with yeast experiments to identify therapeutic proteins. By partnering with drug companies, they assist in identifying the best agents to test on an array of conditions. A-Alpha Bio was a finalist in this same category in 2022.

Focusing on AdaptX

Offering an AI-powered solution, AdaptX, formerly known as MDMetrix, enables healthcare providers to analyze medical data for patterns and trends. Their system reveals ways to improve or streamline care delivery. Led by CEO Warren Ratliff, the company was originally founded in 2016 by a pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Dan Low.

Taking on adyn

Elizabeth Russo’s personal journey to find a suitable birth control led her to founding adyn. The company offers a birth control test that evaluates key hormone levels and DNA, in addition to other markers, and provides personalized medication suggestions. Not stopping there, adyn also plots to channel its data for future research.

Easing into CalmWave

CalmWave, an offshoot of the Al2 Incubator in Seattle, seeks to make hospitals quieter. Using software to reduce patient-device alarms in the ICU, CalmWave emerged as the winner in the UX Design of the Year category last year.

Peering into Proprio

Proprio wishes to revolutionize surgery with a system that provides real-time, three-dimensional imagery of key structures during procedures. Its system, called Paradigm, is instrumental in guiding surgeons during hardware placement, such as spine-straightening devices.

The award, offered by the GeekWire Awards, honors innovators and companies in the Pacific Northwest technology sector. Finalists are selected via community nominations and feedback from award judges.

Your Vote Counts

Community voting continues till April 12, and the combined results with judges feedback will decide the winner in each category. The winner will be declared live on stage at Seattle’s Showbox SoDo on May 9. Those interested in sponsoring a category or purchasing a table sponsorship can reach out via email.

Props to Astound Business Solutions for their support in sponsoring the GeekWire Awards this year. Folks, don’t miss out on voting for your pick for Health Innovation of the Year. Head over to the official page or use the link provided to cast your votes!

In the vast and expanding world of technology, let’s celebrate those who are innovating and transforming the health sector. It’s a space where the smallest development can ignite vast changes, potentially improving lives beyond our imagining. So, here’s to the finalists – and may the best innovation win!

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