Flashpoint’s New Report Urges Rapid Adaptation to Mounting Data Breaches


Key Takeaways:
– Flashpoint report highlights increasing data breaches, vulnerabilities, and ransomware attacks
– Businesses urged to adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape
– The 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report derives insights from both the dark web and open sources
– EJ2 Communications Inc., officially known as Flashpoint, compiled the report

Burgeoning Cyber Threats Demand Swift Organizational Adaptations

Flashpoint, the business risk intelligence startup now known as EJ2 Communications Inc., released a report today. The report advises organizations to adjust rapidly in response to a quickly shifting threat landscape. Notably, these threats include a sharp increase in data breaches, vulnerabilities, and ransomware attacks.

An Unsettling Rise in Data Breaches

The 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report warns of a troubling surge in data breaches. As per the report, organizations face an uphill battle in safeguarding sensitive data. Key findings from the report underscore the vital role of robust cybersecurity measures.

Growing Vulnerabilities Demand Active Defense

The report also brings attention to an uptick in system vulnerabilities. Close-monitoring and strategic preventive measures are critical for organizational security. Firms must constantly assess and reassess their systems to patch vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of breach.

Ransomware Attacks: A Voracious Cyber Menace

Alongside these issues, a rise in ransomware attacks further heightens the cyber threat environment. Organizations must preemptively develop and implement countermeasures to mitigate the damaging effects of such attacks.

Dark Web and Open Source Insights: Informing The Report

The 2024 Global Threat Intelligence Report is a culmination of carefully parsed data from the dark web and open sources. The integration of these two sources offers a comprehensive overview of the current cyber threat landscape.


Strategizing a rapid response to the evolving cyber threat landscape is no longer an option, but a necessity. The recent findings in Flashpoint’s (now EJ2 Communications Inc.) report bring this point home. Businesses must arm themselves with the best preventive measures to safeguard against this ultimately prejudicious cyber scenario.

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