Gillian Dohrn: GeekWire’s First Etzioni Intern in Climate Tech Journalism


Key takeaways:

– Gillian Dohrn is GeekWire’s inaugural Etzioni Intern in Climate Tech Journalism.
– Dohrn holds a master’s degree in science communication from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
– An outdoor enthusiast, Dohrn enjoys skiing, biking, and swimming.
– Dohrn previously interned for Nature Portfolio, the Monterey Herald, and Stanford News Service.
– The Etzioni internship extends over a 12-week period in the summer.

GeekWire Unveils Inaugural Etzioni Climate Tech Journalism Intern

GeekWire proudly introduces their first-ever Etzioni Intern in Climate Tech Journalism, Gillian Dohrn. Recognized for her incisive coverage of climate technology, she has already made a significant impact reporting on pressing environmental issues.

Dohrn’s Professional and Academic Background

Seattle-raised Dohrn recently completed her Master’s in Science Communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Prior to this, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Molecular Biology with a Journalism minor from Colorado College. Her professional portfolio includes internships at renowned scientific media organization, Nature Portfolio, and California publications, the Monterey Herald and Stanford News Service.

Enthusiasm for Outdoor Adventure

Apart from her journalistic achievements, Dohrn also identifies as an avid lover of the great outdoors. Whether skiing in winter or cycling on her gravel bike throughout the year, Dohrn rarely misses an opportunity to embrace nature. Her interest also extends to swimming, and she particularly relishes early morning ocean plunges, irrespective of the weather.

Passion for Scientific Discoveries

Dohrn has a penchant for tracking scientific breakthroughs, finding immense delight in the natural world’s ingenious adaptations. She was particularly enthusiastic about a recent nitrogen-fixing organelle discovery in marine algae by researchers at UCSC, optimistic about its future role in climate technology.

Climate Internship Sponsored by Oren Etzioni

Oren Etzioni, the founding CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and his son Eli Etzioni of Tradewater, sponsor the Etzioni Climate Tech Journalism Internship. The 12-week program will occur throughout this summer.

As Dohrn steps into the role of GeekWire’s inaugural Etzioni Intern in Climate Tech Journalism, readers can expect her continued prowess in illuminating the latest strides in climate technology. Through her expert analysis and geoscientific knowledge, she is set to highlight the significant environmental developments that impact Seattle and beyond.

Despite her commitment to writing, Dohrn hasn’t forgotten her outdoor pursuits. Currently, she is taking a break from science writing to hike Washington’s famous Mount Si, an illustrious landmark east of Seattle.

With Dohrn’s combination of academic excellence, journalistic skills, and passion for both science and the outdoors, she is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful contribution to climate tech journalism. Through her writing, Dohrn not only deciphers complex scientific phenomena but also paints a broader picture of the critical role of nature in our daily lives and the environment as a whole.

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