Honorees of the 2024 Geeks Give Back: Codifying the Fight Against Cancer and Housing Crisis, Combatting Misinformation


Key takeaways:

– Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Coding for Cancer, Housing Connector, and TrueMedia have been announced as this year’s Geeks Give Back honorees.
– Coding for Cancer, presented by Fred Hutchinson, aims to connect teenagers to computing within the bio-medic field.
– Housing Connector is a non-profit organization pairing landlords and renters with imperfect rental backgrounds.
– TrueMedia, a non-partisan group, uses AI to detect and counteract deepfake videos, photos, and politically skewed audio content.

The 2024 Geeks Give Back Honorees are using technology as a force for good in the Pacific Northwest. The honorees for this year’s event are Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s Coding for Cancer, Housing Connector, and TrueMedia. The names were released by GeekWire ahead of the annual Tech Awards Ceremony.

Geeks Give Back: Empowering the Power of Technology

Technology can significantly change lives and even whole communities when utilized effectively. Not surprisingly, the Pacific Northwest is home to a number of organizations and individuals who strive to elevate society by leveraging tech-driven initiatives. Honoring such efforts, the Geeks Give Back honorees are recognized every year at the GeekWire Awards. This year’s formidable line-up includes groundbreaking initiatives tackling cancer, housing issues, and misinformation.

Shining the Spotlight on Biomedical Computing

Leading the fight against cancer through coding, the Coding for Cancer program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center endeavors to demonstrate to high schoolers that computing skills play an indispensable role in modern biomedicine. Then, this initiative allows these teens hands-on learning experience in the field. Importantly, they are using a virtual platform that broadens the program’s reach even to rural areas of the state, ensuring access for all students. A focal point of this program is to extend its scope to teens from backgrounds historically underrepresented in biomedical sciences.

Bridging the Gap in Rental Access

Addressing the housing crisis head-on, the Housing Connector is a non-profit that bridges the gap between landlords with vacant units and prospective renters with less than perfect rental records. Beyond matching landlords with tenets, this organization also addresses property managers’ main concerns, such as rent payment and property safety. Moreover, Housing Connector partners with real estate industry giant, Zillow, broadening its impact by integrating an Affordable Housing Search Tool.

Combatting Misinformation Through AI

TrueMedia is a cutting-edge non-profit that harnesses artificial intelligence to detect deepfake videos, photos, and audio contributing to political misinformation. With the aim of curbing disinformation ahead of the 2024 elections, TrueMedia is slated to launch a free, online-based tool to amplify the capabilities of journalists, fact-checkers, and online influencers as the first line of defense against politically skewed content.

The 2024 GeekWire Awards

The GeekWire Awards celebrate Pacific NorthWest’s best innovators and organizations, culled from community nominations and judges’ discernments. The winners are going to be announced at the event at Showbox SoDo in Seattle on May 9, 2024.

The importance of these initiatives and the impact they have on society shouldn’t be underestimated. Tech-based approaches to real-world issues open the possibility for innovative and effective resolutions. The Coding for Cancer, Housing Connector, and TrueMedia are just some of the ambitious initiatives making a real difference, as recognized by the 2024 Geeks Give Back Awards.

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