How to Sell Your Screenplay Even If You Don’t Have an Agent



Breaking into the world of filmmaking isn’t always a walk in the park, especially when it comes to selling your screenplay. Without the backing of an agent, your path might seem ever more challenging. But fear not. Here’s your go-to guide on how to sell your screenplay, even without an agent.

Key Takeaways:

• Building a Powerful Network

• Utilizing Screenwriting Competitions

• Submitting Directly to Production Companies

• Promoting Your Script Online

• Joining Screenwriting Workshops

• Crafting a striking Query Letter

• Properly Registering and Protecting Your Script

Build a Powerful Network

First and foremost, build a vast network. Like in many other industries, who you know is just as crucial as what you know. Attend film festivals, local club meetings, and industry events to meet fellow screenwriters, directors, producers, and film enthusiasts. You never know when simple conversations can open doors for your screenplay.

Screenwriting Competitions

Screenwriting competitions are excellent platforms for selling your scripts. Many of these contests are followed by producers seeking fresh talents. Winning or even getting shortlisted could mean more eyes on your work, increasing the chances of a contract.

Submit Directly to Production Companies

Although some production companies insist on accepting scripts only from agents, this isn’t always the rule. Detailed research can lead you to production companies that accept unsolicited scripts. But ensure your script suits their preferred genre.

Promote Your Script Online

In an advanced digital age, making good use of the internet is pivotal. Platforms such as The Black List, InkTip, or Virtual Pitch Fest allow you to pitch and sell your screenplay to producers worldwide. Social media platforms, blogging, or creating a personal website can also help you attract interested parties.

Screenwriting Workshops

Hone your skills and network simultaneously by joining screenwriting workshops. Besides learning tips from industry veterans, you get to meet like-minded individuals. These interactions can help you improve your work and get your screenplay in the right hands.

Craft a Striking Query Letter

A well-crafted query letter can help sell your script. Make it captivating enough to lure the recipient into reading your screenplay. Tell them why your story is unique and why they should invest their time in it.

Register and Protect Your Script

Finally, always make sure your script is registered and protected. Copyright your script to avoid any form of exploitation or theft. The Writers Guild of America provides this kind of service at a reasonable cost.


Selling a screenplay without an agent can seem daunting. However, with enthusiasm, perseverance, an ace script, and heed to the meticulously outlined tips above, the world of filmmaking could just be a few steps away. Remember, every successful screenwriter was once an unknown face, so keep writing, rewriting, and never give up. Your big break might be closer than you think.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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