Microsoft Appoints Mustafa Suleyman as New CEO of Microsoft AI


Key Takeaways:
– Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and former Google vice president, is the new CEO of Microsoft AI.
– Suleyman and Inflection AI’s chief scientist, Karén Simonyan, join Microsoft to lead consumer AI products and research.
– Microsoft aims to leverage AI to benefit every person and organization, as part of its aggressive global strategy.

Mustafa Suleyman Powers Up Microsoft AI

Microsoft substantially augmented its artificial intelligence (AI) roster Tuesday with the appointment of Mustafa Suleyman as CEO of an emerging entity, Microsoft AI. Suleyman is a co-founder of DeepMind and a former Google vice president of artificial intelligence. His vast experience positions him uniquely to advance Microsoft’s AI technologies, including its flagship brand, Copilot.

As per a public memo from CEO Satya Nadella, Suleyman will also serve as an executive vice president of Microsoft, reporting directly to Nadella. He now forms a part of the senior leadership team at Microsoft. Prior to this, Suleyman was the co-founder and CEO of AI-focused firm, Inflection AI.

An Infusion of Talent to Drive Microsoft’s AI Agenda

Microsoft AI is poised to drive forward consumer AI research and products, with an acute focus on Copilot, as mentioned in Nadella’s memo. The new AI entity within Microsoft is set to expand on Microsoft’s AI footprint significantly.

Joining Suleyman on this journey is Karén Simonyan, the chief scientist and co-founder of Inflection AI. Simonyan boasts a formidable track record steering pioneering AI projects such as AlphaZero, AlphaFold, and WaveNet. The infusion of talent from Inflection AI promises to be a game-changer for Microsoft as it competes against AI behemoths Google and Amazon.

Embracing the Impossible: AI for All

Microsoft’s aggressive talent acquisition supports its bold mission – leveraging AI to ensure that every person and organization worldwide benefits. As Suleyman tweeted, the primary role as the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft AI is leading all consumer AI products and research, including Copilot, Bing, and Edge. He also expressed excitement about collaborating with Karén Simonyan, the new Chief Scientist at Microsoft AI.

In his memo, Nadella reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to using this influx of talent to accelerate the pace of work and build technology previously considered unattainable. He emphasized the focus on AI technology being used safely and responsibly.

Microsoft’s AI ambitions continue to soar, backed by solid strategic partnerships. A name worth mentioning is Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, Microsoft’s key strategic partner. Altman was once considered for a pivotal position at the new AI organization.

The Road Ahead: From DeepMind to Microsoft AI

Google acquired DeepMind back in 2014, and Suleyman was a part of this acquisition until his departure in January 2022. His transition to Microsoft is monumental because of the ongoing competition for AI talent and innovations among tech giants. An exciting chapter awaits Microsoft as it ventures deeper into the world of AI with the proficient guidance of Mustafa Suleyman.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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