Munil Shah Joins Talkdesk as CTO Amid a Flurry of Tech Industry Moves


Key Takeaways:

– Former UiPath engineering leader Munil Shah now works as the CTO for Talkdesk.
– Ajay Nair, regarded for leadership roles at Microsoft and AWS, has joined Elastic as a group VP.
– Libretto, a startup led by ex-Redfin employees, emerges from stealth with a $3.7 million funding round.
– Longtime Xbox executive Kareem Choudhry leaves Microsoft, according to Windows Central report.

Senior UiPath Executive Joins Talkdesk

Munil Shah, a seasoned engineering leader who spent 23 years at Microsoft prior to his work at UiPath, has moved to the San Francisco startup Talkdesk in the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). A Seattle-based professional, Shah held the CTO role at UiPath, a renowned global provider of robotic process automation software.

Founded in 2011, Talkdesk offers software solutions aimed at customer service contact centers. Despite having raised $230 million in a Series D round in 2021, the company has experienced several rounds of layoffs. Shah believes that Talkdesk is at a significant turning point due to a massive industry shift led by the introduction of AI technologies like ChatGPT and GenAI which have brought substantial influence on contact center operations.

Industry Giant Elastic Welcomes Ajay Nair

On another note, distinguished engineering leader Ajay Nair joins the search technology behemoth, Elastic, as a group vice president. Nair, who has marked his expertise both at Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for over a decade, spearheaded large teams focusing on numerous cloud products at AWS. Prior to joining the Elastic team, he was a key leader of Microsoft’s Bing teams.

Elastic, a San Francisco-based firm, started publicly trading in 2018. The company reported an admirable revenue growth of 19% year-on-year, with the latest quarter ending at $328 million.

New Startup Libretto Breaks Cover

In the real estate landscape, Libretto, a startup managed by former employees at Seattle’s real estate giant Redfin, has come out of the shadows this week, announcing a $3.7 million investment round. The startup, under the leadership of former Redfin CTO, Sasha Aickin, aims to aid customers in enhancing prompt engineering.

The Libretto team in Seattle also includes former head of product at Outreach, April Alexander, and Mahalie Stackpole who held the position of lead product designer at Redfin and also served at Outreach. Jamie DeMichele, an engineering leader at Redfin for over 17 years, holds an engineering position at Libretto.

Microsoft Loses Veteran Xbox Exec

Decades-long Xbox executive Kareem Choudhry has reportedly left Microsoft, according to a report from Windows Central. Choudhry, who dedicated more than 26 years to the Redmond tech giant, has led an array of video game-related initiatives, inclusive of Xbox Cloud Gaming. His exit signals the latest in a series of high-profile departures at Xbox, as noted by The Verge. It remains to be seen where Choudhry is heading next and what the future holds for Xbox.


The tech industry continues to be a dynamic landscape, with seasoned executives shifting roles and new startups emerging to disrupt the market. This extensive range of movements highlights the ongoing transformations and opportunities within the digital landscape. It will be interesting to watch how these developments shape the future of the tech industry.

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