Next-Gen Tech: Former Amazon and Microsoft Exec Unveils New AI, Space Data Centers Continue to Evolve


Key takeaways:

– Joseph Sirosh, an executive with tenures at Amazon and Microsoft, has launched a new company focusing on generative AI.
– Start-up Lumen Orbit, only three months old, has managed to raise $2.4 million to fund its plans for space data centers.
– Microsoft design exec has partnered with AI to illustrate his son’s book on anxiety.
– Interlune, another stealth startup, plans to use robotics to extract resources from the moon.
– Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, have unveiled the latest recipients of their $50M Courage and Civility Awards.

Joseph Sirosh Steps into the AI Fray

Joseph Sirosh, who had significant roles at both Amazon and Microsoft, has just founded a new generative AI startup. The focus of the company is developing tools to allow creators to build their very own AI conversational agents. With Sirosh’s impressive tech background, it’s worth watching how this venture pans out.

Lumen Orbit’s Raised Funds and Paradigm Shift
Lumen Orbit, a Bellevue, Washington-based startup, has emerged from stealth mode. Being just three months into its existence, it has managed to raise an impressive $2.4 million in a pre-seed investment round. The firm’s unique plan is to launch hundreds of satellites into orbit for processing data even before it’s sent back to Earth-based clients.

Gates-tied TerraPower Fuels Optimism
TerraPower, the Gates-backed company, projects high spirits about becoming the top next-generation nuclear plant in the United States. With an expansive 65,000 square-foot lab north of Seattle, it’s actively exploring new materials and innovative methods to produce nuclear energy.

Getting Small Business Grants

There are fresh insights for startups looking for non-dilutive funding. The focus is on how these entities, governed by good ideas, early data, and credentials in their field, can secure small business grants from the government.

Microsoft Design Exec Leverages AI

Jon Friedman, the design executive at Microsoft, used AI to assist in illustrating his son’s anxiety-coping children’s book. This interesting partnership between AI and design can potentially pave the way for future collaborations.

Interlune’s Lunar Ambitions

Seattle-based Interlune has revealed ambitious plans to make robotics a medium for mining lunar resources. It’s target: to extract helium-3 from moon dust and transport it back to Earth. Potential uses for the helium-3 include quantum computing and fusion power applications.

Shakeup in Tech Executive Hierarchy

There have been significant executive moves in the tech industry. Rick Bergman, formerly with semiconductor giant AMD, has been announced as the new CEO of mobile connectivity firm Kymeta, effective April 1.

Recognizing Courage and Civility

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez have named actor and activist Eva Longoria and a retired Navy Admiral among the latest recipients of their $50 million Courage and Civility Awards.

Tech Vets Support Major League Cricket

Tech veterans have shown support for Major League Cricket, with bigger plans on the horizon for the league, both in Seattle and beyond.

Zulily’s Path to Revival

Lastly, but certainly not least, we see how Zulily, a once-prominent e-commerce brand, intends to turn its fortunes around in this week’s GeekWire Podcast. It’s a story of rise, fall, and expected revival, certainly worth a listen.

This week’s heap of news emphasizes the transformation technology brings – from AI to lunar missions, tech executives continue to innovate, reaching for heights only imagined before. The technology realm is persistently expanding its borders, urging us to watch eagerly as the future unfurls.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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