Sophos and Tenable Unite to Combat Growing Cyber Threats


Key Takeaways:

– Cybersecurity giants Sophos Group plc and Tenable Inc. announce strategic partnership
– Joint solution known as Sophos Managed Risk leverages technology from both firms
– The service features vulnerability and attack surface management
– Tenable’s exposure management technology is incorporated into the solution
– Security operations experts from Sophos Managed Detection contribute to the service

Two leading cybersecurity companies, Sophos Group plc and Tenable Inc., have announced a strategic partnership to offer a groundbreaking security solution. This new service, known as Sophos Managed Risk, is aimed at managing vulnerability and exposure to cyber threats.

Strategic Partnership for Cyber Security

The joint solution, called Sophos Managed Risk, is set to leverage technologies from both Sophos and Tenable. By doing so, the companies aim to provide a comprehensive security service that addresses the growing concerns about cyber threats. The strategic partnership marks a noteworthy milestone in the cybersecurity industry, demonstrating dedication to advanced security solutions.

The Role of Sophos and Tenable Technology

Sophos Managed Risk merges Tenable’s cutting-edge exposure management technology with skilled security operation experts from Sophos Managed Detection. This results in a dual-layered security solution, capable of effectively managing vulnerabilities while also minimizing exposure to potential cyber threats.

Tackling Expanding Attack Surfaces

Sophos Managed Risk places a keen focus on expanding attack surfaces, a growing concern for companies worldwide. Expanding attack surfaces refer to the increase in points of potential risk – usually due to the addition of new technology or system access points. A crucial part of combating this issue is the regular monitoring and management of these risky touchpoints, a service offered by Sophos Managed Risk.

The joint solution is an intuitive step forward for both companies, providing a well-rounded cybersecurity service that addresses this increasingly common issue.

Enhanced Cyber Security Protection

This union of Sophos and Tenable’s security strengths is an exciting development that promises to take cybersecurity protection to another level. By combining Tenable’s exposure management technology and Sophos Managed Detection’s security operation expertise, Sophos Managed Risk offers a robust security service that minimizes risk and vulnerability.

Looking to the Future

As cyber threats continue to evolve, so must the technology designed to combat them. This strategic partnership between Sophos and Tenable showcases the future of cybersecurity solutions, integrating advanced technology and expert knowledge to create Sophos Managed Risk.

Both companies are embarking on a journey to seamlessly blend their services, aiming to provide comprehensive cyber protection for a rapidly changing digital landscape. The launch of Sophos Managed Risk is the first step in this journey, promising to revolutionize the way companies protect against cyber threats.

In Summary

The partnership between Sophos Group plc and Tenable Inc. marks a significant step forward in the field of cybersecurity. Sophos Managed Risk, the result of this alliance, aims to provide an advanced security solution that effectively manages vulnerabilities and minimizes exposure to ever-increasing cyber threats. Both companies have shown their dedication to improving cybersecurity with their unified solution, promising improved protection for businesses worldwide.

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