Swimlane Joins Hands with Dragos to Reinforce Cybersecurity in IT and OT Environments


Key Takeaways:
– Swimlane collaborates with Dragos to enhance automation protection for operational technology infrastructure.
– Integration between Swimlane Turbine and Dragos Platform allows customers to automate threat detection.
– Assistance from artificial intelligence boosts security over both information technology and operational technology environments.

Swimlane LLC, known for producing low-code security automation, recently publicized a new alliance with the cybersecurity firm, Dragos Inc. This collaboration aims to augment protection for operational technology (OT) infrastructure, using automation.

New Partnership Heights

The partnership debuts with an integration of Swimlane’s Turbine and the Dragos Platform. This crucial intersectionality enables clients to automate the process of threat detection and enrichment, in both IT and OT environments. Adoption of artificial intelligence plays a significant part in enhancing this security process.

Robust Security for a Digital Age

As we move into a digital era where technology and the internet are increasingly important, the need for strong cybersecurity protection in both IT and OT is of paramount importance. The main aim of this partnership is to provide customers with an all-encompassing system that identifies and deals with potential threats before they become a problem.

Automating Threat Detection

The integration of Swimlane Turbine and Dragos Platform not only reduces the likelihood of cyber threats, but it also frees up time for IT and OT professionals. By automating threat detection and enrichment, IT and OT specialists can focus more on strategic initiatives rather than on threat identification.

Artificial Intelligence – Taking Centre Stage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes center stage in this partnership, driving the systems’ ability to identify and deal with potential threats. AI technologies not only help to automate the threat detection and enrichment process but also continually learn and adapt, improving their ability to identify and mitigate potential risks over time.

A Significant Leap for Cybersecurity

The partnership between Swimlane and Dragos marks a significant step forward in the field of cybersecurity. This innovation allows for a major leap in securing IT and OT environments, making them safer for all users.

In an increasingly technological world, such initiatives are important for maintaining high levels of protection against cyber threats. This collaboration promises to make a substantial difference in IT and OT environments, ensuring increased safety and enhanced functionality.

As we continue to progress technologically, it is essential that cybersecurity progresses too. Partnerships like this one between Swimlane and Dragos demonstrate how collaboration and innovation are key to keeping up with evolving threats and encouraging a more secure future.

In conclusion, the integration of Swimlane Turbine and Dragos Platform, aided by AI, presents great potential for improving threat identification and protection in IT and OT environments. This new partnership marks a significant step forward in the field of cybersecurity, promising a more secure future for users.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Brownehttps://livy.ai
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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