TerraClear Secures $15M for Revolutionary Rock-Picking Solution for Farmers


Key Takeaways:

– TerraClear raised $15 million for its rock-picking technology solutions.
– The funds will be used to enhance sales growth and partnerships with equipment manufacturers.
– TerraClear reduces manual labor in the farming sector through an AI-assisted rock-picking solution.
– TerraClear’s software continues to improve, enhancing efficiency in rock-mapping and route planning.
– The startup maps fields with drones and collaborates with service providers to pick rocks in the field.

Farm tech startup, TerraClear, bagged $15 million in fresh funding destined for enhancing its unique rock-picking solutions for the agricultural industry. Based in Issaquah, Washington, and Grangeville, Idaho, the startup aims to utilize the funds to bolster its sales teams and establish stronger partnerships with original equipment manufacturers.

Investment Boost for TerraClear

Funding for TerraClear has emerged from diverse sources including the Madrona Venture Group, company CEO Brent Frei, and various angel investors. This funding round, which followed a whopping $25 million Series A in May 2021, seeks to offer substantial growth opportunities.

TerraClear was founded in 2017 by Brent Frei, a former CEO of Onyx Software and co-founder of Smartsheet, who aimed to streamline the labor-intensive task of large rock removal from farmlands. Over the period of seven years, the company has developed its Rock Picker hardware to mount easily on a wide range of machinery and effectively pick hundreds of rocks per hour.

Advancing with Artificial Intelligence

Contrary to other agricultural ventures trying to enhance their automated solutions, TerraClear utilizes its unique rock picking solution combined with its efficient software and AI capabilities. By driving efficiency in rock-mapping and route planning, the company sets itself apart as an end-to-end problem solver.

Offering More than just Hardware

However, TerraClear aims to provide more than rock-picking machines to the agricultural industry. With drone-led mapping and a unique Rock Map available to farmers for $4 per acre, the startup partners with service providers to perform the rock-picking tasks. The unique combination of map creation and efficient services offers strong commercial viability, thereby making it an exceptional opportunity for service providers to boost their existing businesses.

Ensuring a Solid Future

Frei likens the potential for TerraClear in rock-removal to Amazon’s beginning journey with books. He believes that their platform, armed with AI and automation techniques, will set a benchmark in the agricultural industry, much like Amazon did for e-commerce.

After experiencing success, predominantly in Minnesota and Iowa with approximately 100 customers, TerraClear is also receiving attention from modern marketing. A popular agriculture influencer, Millennial Farmer, showcased his experience with the equipment on social media, leading to increased visibility and rising queries.

Autonomous Advancements

In a quest to further their efficiency, TerraClear aims to prove that their technique can also be performed autonomously. A Bobcat equipped with TerraClear’s control software with a mounted Rock Picker is being tested successfully. “We have a machine running itself and picking right now,” according to Frei, with a hopeful outlook of production deployment by next summer.

Till date, TerraClear has successfully raised a staggering $57 million and has 40 employees on board. With such impressive accomplishments, the company endeavors to remain committed to their goal of simplifying the arduous task of rock-picking for farmers, thus transforming the future of agriculture.

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