Weekly Tech Roundup: Job Market Flux, Drone Graffiti Control, and New Moves in AI


Key Takeaways:

– Tech job market sees consistent layoffs and experienced employee hiring issues
– Drones to counteract graffiti in Washington state
– Microsoft’s latest hires indicate an aggressive push into consumer AI
– Former Convoy engineers launch a new Seattle startup to target trucking tech
– Ex-DeepMind co-founder and former Google VP leading Microsoft’s AI team
– MacKenzie Scott donates $640M to nonprofits via open call process
– Seattle investor’s journey: From Google, through Africa, to funding startups
– Acquisition news: Jama Software bought by Francisco Partners for $1.2B
– Seattle’s Round startup CEO shares lessons learned from company closure
– Pentagon’s DarkSky-1 mission to feature Blue Origin’s Blue Ring test platform

Tech Job Market Under Intense Pressure


Despite a boom in the technology industry, hiring trends paint a bumpy picture. Layoffs continue to occur and experienced workers like Jenny Richards experience difficulty securing new job opportunities.

Drone Deployment Against Graffiti


Graffiti, a significant problem in Washington state, will now be met with an innovative solution: drones. Already utilized to combat wildfires and assist law enforcement, drones will now play a significant part in graffiti restoration efforts.

Microsoft Making Bold Moves in AI


A fresh wave of hires at Microsoft is hinting at the company’s daring venture into consumer AI. Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and a former Google artificial intelligence vice president, has been tapped to lead the newly established Microsoft AI organization.

Trucking Tech Redefined


Andrew Huff and Oliver Jones, former Convoy engineers, are persistent in their aim to revolutionize software for the trucking industry with a new startup based in Seattle.

Microsoft’s New AI Captain


In a major appointment, Microsoft has named Mustafa Suleyman as the new CEO of the AI unit. The co-founder of DeepMind and former Google executive is expected to helm the new division, Microsoft AI.

MacKenzie Scott’s Generous Grant


Scott’s philanthropy, Yield Giving, announced a distribution of $640M to 361 organizations. Each entity selected through an open call process will receive a grant ranging from $1 million to $2 million.

Seattle Investor Backs Local Startups


After an exhilarating journey that spanned Google and Africa, Andrew Peterson has returned to his roots in Seattle, investing in the city’s promising roster of startups.

Jama Software’s Billion-Dollar Exit


Portland-based product development platform Jama Software is set to be acquired in a nearly $1.2 billion deal by technology investment firm Francisco Partners.

Lessons Learned from a Startup Closure


Seattle startup Round’s CEO shares insightful lessons learned from their shutdown, echoing the imperative role of community building and the risks tied to VC fundraising.

Blue Origin Tests for Pentagon Mission


Jeff Bezos’ space venture, Blue Origin, announced a test of its Blue Ring orbital platform in the upcoming Pentagon’s DarkSky-1 mission, representing a significant advancement in private-public space collaboration.

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