Curious Investment Firm Makes First Acquisition with Seattle-based Tech Company Convox


Key Takeaways:
– New Seattle investment firm Curious acquires decade-old infrastructure enterprise Convox.
– First acquisition for Curious after raising $16 million in investment funds.
– Curious is led by former Bitly CMO Andrew Dumont.
– Curious focuses on software companies producing annual recurring revenue from $500,000 to $5 million.

company, has taken its first step into the world of acquisitions. This unique firm, which focuses on purchasing software start-ups on the brink of running out of cash or underperforming in future investment rounds, has chosen Convox as the first addition to its portfolio.

Curious Takes On Convox

Convox, a 10-year-old software infrastructure entity, assists developers in deploying and scaling applications. Established in 2014 by a team of ex-Heroku engineers, Convox has been part of the renowned Y Combinator accelerator program. Over its life, it has undergone several ownership changes. Now, it embarks on its new journey under the umbrella of Curious.

Curious’s Innovative Approach

The investment firm Curious raised $16 million last year. The team behind this remarkable fund-raising led by former Bitly CMO, Andrew Dumont. The company’s primary objective? To target software businesses that generate annual recurring revenue of between $500,000 and $5 million. For Curious, cash-strapped businesses or those that haven’t hit their growth expectations for future funding rounds represent unique investment opportunities.

Dumont reflects on this bold, entrepreneurial approach in a post on LinkedIn. “This is a great case study and example of the work we love to do,” he observes. “We enjoy taking brands that may have been overlooked or companies with doubting investors, and revitalizing them with fresh perspectives and new strategies.”

A Stake in Recalibration

Curious is not just an investment firm; it views itself as a company that helps to recalibrate struggling businesses. Their approach involves taking companies with potential but currently underperforming and turning them around. Convox is just the beginning for them.

Convox provides a unique platform that enables developers to effectively manage, launch and scale software applications. Its history and the experience of its founders make it a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. Despite past ownership changes, its current alignment with Curious offers an exciting new chapter in its development.

Curious is making waves in the investment sector with its distinct and innovative strategy. The acquisition of Convox marks its first step in reshaping the software company landscape. The collaborative union of Curious and Convox is soundproof of Dumont’s commitment to invest, grow, and nurture businesses with untapped potential.

This new approach signals an interesting shift in the start-up investment narrative. Traditional models of investing in start-ups with high-growth trajectories are giving way to more sustainable models. Curious is at the forefront of this shift, investing in companies often overlooked by traditional funding mechanisms, providing them with the resources and support they need to thrive.

As the firm Curious is attracting rising interest in its business strategy, the tech industry will watch this space keenly. If the success of the Convox acquisition is any indication, many more such collaborations may be on the horizon. The Curious team heralds a new era of sustainable investment, shining a spotlight on possibilities that others often overlook.

In the world of tech investments, it would seem, the start-up scene benefits from a touch of the ‘Curious.’

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