Google’s GDC Hosted Expanded to Handle More Public Sector Workloads


Key Takeaways:
– Google’s GDC Hosted private cloud platform is now authorized to handle more public sector workloads.
– GDC Hosted was launched a year ago and allows organizations to deploy a micro-version of Google Cloud in their private data centers.
– The expansion promises improved functionalities for public sector organizations.

Google’s GDC Hosted Gains Capability to Manage More Workloads

Google’s GDC Hosted private cloud platform, which was initially released in March of last year, has now received authorization to handle a broader range of sensitive public sector workloads. This expansion essentially gives private data centers the ability to deploy a scaled-down version of Google Cloud.

Enhancing Public Sector Data Handling

The announcement is significant with the increasing emphasis on data security and compliance in the public sector. For entities within this sector, the ability to manage and secure sensitive data within their private data centers is paramount. Google’s GDC Hosted platform offers a solution, providing the tools needed to assuage such concerns.

GDC Hosted: A Quick Review

The GDC Hosted platform was brought into general availability in March last year. Since then, it has allowed organizations to run a smaller version of Google Cloud within their private data centers. With the recent expansion, Google aims to provide public sector organizations with more comprehensive tools to handle sensitive data workloads.

Empowering Organizations through GDC Hosted

As more public sector organizations turn to private cloud solutions to meet their data management needs, GDC Hosted’s expanded capacity becomes a promising option. Leveraging Google’s powerful cloud capabilities, public entities can now confidently handle sensitive workloads while observing strict data compliance requirements. The tweaks on the platform are expected to result in more stable, efficient, and secure workload handling.

Final Thoughts

Google’s move to enhance the capabilities of their GDC hosted platform is a welcome development, particularly for public sector organizations. With the continuous increase in data utilization, secure and efficient data management becomes even more crucial.

With the expanded capabilities of Google’s GDC Hosted, more public sector entities can now leverage Google’s reliable cloud infrastructure. This opens up new paths for these organizations to better utilize their data in a secure, efficient, and compliant manner.


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