Weekly Tech Update: Living Computers Museum’s Historic Close and More


Key Takeaways:
– Living Computers Museum + Labs, established by Microsoft’s late co-founder Paul Allen, ceases operations and auctions off vintage items.
– Logistic startup Freightmate.ai starts operations in Seattle, headed by former execs of Amazon and Flexport
– Amazon hires executives from enterprise AI startup Adept to augment its ‘AGI’ team
– Amazon is reportedly developing an AI chatbot to contend with OpenAI’s ChatGPT
– Seattle transit riders are now able to add ORCA payment cards to their Google Wallet for a seamless journey experience.
– Microsoft’s chief brand officer Kathleen Hall steps down; Former execs of Google and Amazon join Microsoft’s Redmond base.
– Data warehousing startup SDF Labs, steered by Microsoft and Meta veterans, discloses public availability after exiting stealth mode.
– Fans and contributors express dissatisfaction over the closure of the Living Computers Museum and loss of vintage items
– Amazon inaugurates Project Kuiper satellite production facility

Seattle’s Living Computers Museum Logs Off Permanently

Known for exhibiting vintage computing technology and interactive displays, the Living Computers Museum + Labs, has come to a halt. Founded by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s late co-founder, the Museum has remained closed for over four years since the pandemic onset.

New Seattle-Based Logistics Startup: Freightmate.ai

Ex-executives from Amazon and Flexport have launched a new logistics startup, Freightmate.ai, in Seattle. Coming out of stealth mode, the company continues to expand the city’s ecosystem of logistic startups.

Amazon Bolsters ‘AGI’ Team with Adept’s Founders

Amazon has hired executives from Adept, a San Francisco-based startup. Known for creating agents that automate enterprise workflows, the new hire is expected to bolster the tech giant’s Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) team.

Amazon’s AI Chatbot in Development to Rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT

The competition in the AI universe is heating up as Amazon Ventures into developing a consumer-facing AI chatbot. This AI chatbot seems set to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is expected to be unveiled later this year, according to Business Insider.

Digital ORCA Payment Cards Available for Seattle’s Transit Riders

Seattle’s Metro riders can now add their ORCA transit cards to Google Wallet; a technological move that makes commuting across the city more seamless. This feature is available on Android and Wear OS devices.

Microsoft’s Leadership Transition

After a 16-year stint at Microsoft, Kathleen Hall, the corporation’s Chief Brand Officer, parted ways. At the same time, powerhouse tech giants Google and Amazon see their former executives joining the Redmond giant.

SDF Labs Unveils Their Data Warehousing Solution

SDF Labs, a startup led by Microsoft and Meta vets, has unveiled their new data warehousing product to the public. Coming out of stealth mode, they also announced they’ve raised $9m in seed funding.

Closure of Living Computers Museum Sparks Discontent

The closure of the Living Computers Museum + Labs in Seattle has disappointed fans and technology enthusiasts alike. They question whether the move to auction the vintage items collected truly reflects the vision of late Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

The Bitter End For Donors to Living Computers Museum

With the closure of the Living Computer Museum + Labs, contributors who donated vintage items worry about the dispersion and potential loss of those items.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper Satellite Factory Opens

In a ceremony that saw even U.S. Senators in attendance, Amazon celebrated the grand opening of its Project Kuiper satellite factory, setting the pace for the company’s forays into the satellite technology landscape.

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