Grab Your Chance to Shine Bright in an Iconic Pop Star’s Music Video – Miami Open Casting Call


Are you an aspiring actor, dancer, or simply someone with an exuberant passion for the performing arts? Well, it’s time to put your best foot forward, brush off those nerves, and strut towards your destiny. This might just be the golden ticket that catapults you to stardom. An irresistible opportunity has just bloomed in the heart of Miami for a mega pop star’s music video scheduled to shoot soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mega pop star’s music video casting call.
  • The opportunity is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Prior professional experience is not mandatory.
  • Those with vivacious energy, enthusiasm, and a personable nature are most suitable.
  • Earnings vary from $150 to $500.
  • The shoot will take place in Miami.

Job That Brings You into the Limelight

This open casting call could offer those hidden gems of the arts, entertainment, and performing industry the pedestal to shine. It’s your chance to demonstrate your unique talent in front of industry professionals and within the glow of the massive spotlight!

The call is all-inclusive and comes from candidates from every background regardless of their experience level in the mainstream industry. Whether you are an experienced artist or an effervescent newcomer, this platform could be the springboard to your dreams.

Be Part of a Phenomenon

The shooting of the music video will happen in Miami’s scenic landscape. By successfully landing a role in this music video, you’ll experience firsthand the enthralling rhythm and dynamics of being part of such a grand project. Plus, the mega pop star’s international popularity will inch you closer to the global platform, giving you a taste of fame.

Job Details

For this role in the music video, you need to be genuinely passionate, and full of life and must have a vibrant personality. The auditions are nominally stringent as they aim to discover the natural energy and aura of each individual.

Job Responsibilities

Your responsibilities will vary based on the role you are assigned to, which could include acting, dancing, or other,r performing requirements. Being adaptable and quick to learn will be a huge plus. You will be expected to interact professionally with the cast and crew, so good interpersonal skills are vital.


You must be 18 or older to apply. Other than that, the only requirement is an unwavering commitment to the project. We believe in exploring beauty in every form; hence we are seeking potential candidates of all ethnicities and body types. The primary requirement remains – you must have the ability to emanate energy and take the viewers on an unforgettable visual journey!


Depending on the role you land, you can expect to earn anywhere from $150 to $500 for this project. It may not sound like a fortune, but the invaluable exposure you gain from working closely with such a massive pop star cannot be quantified.

Remember, this is your chance to put those long hours of practice, that burning passion, and your undiscovered talent into acceleration mode. Go out there, create an impression, and let those rolling cameras capture your dazzling spirit. This platform is a fantastic doorway that’s wide open for anyone ready to seize the moment and possibly trigger a glorious future in the world of entertainment.

In conclusion, these types of opportunities don’t knock every day. It’s a call for all those who have been patiently waiting, practicing, and hoping for a big break. Trust your talent, fuel your confidence, and step into the audacious world of entertainment with this phenomenal opportunity. It could be the career-defining moment you’ve been waiting for. So, what’s stopping you? Get ready, Miami, to be dazzled by new stars!

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Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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