Seize the Exciting Opportunity – Spoken Word Artists Wanted!


Are you a passionate spoken word artist seeking an avenue to share your talent? Here’s a golden opportunity for you! A casting call for spoken word artists, promoting emotional health across the country, has been posted on Project Casting. Phenomenal you, create your opportunity today!

Key Takeaways:

• Spoken word artists nationwide are needed for an ongoing project.
• The focus of the project is to promote emotional health.
• The engagement is virtual, which adds flexibility.
• The artists will be paid on a project-to-project basis.
• Professionals as well as newbies can apply.

The Golden Opportunity

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them,” says Chris Grosser. This is your time to create an opportunity for yourself with this unique spoken word project calling for talented artists across the United States.

Seize the Exciting Opportunity – Spoken Word Artists Wanted!

The spoken word community has been doing groundbreaking work, raising awareness and triggering change across varied aspects of society. This time, the focus light is on Emotional Health.

Do you have what it takes to create influential pieces that will encourage listeners to consider their emotional well-being? Can your talents help leverage the power of words to inspire mental clarity and emotional balance? If so, your words might be the catalyst for the indispensable change people need in their lives.

Bringing Art to the Digital Stage

In the prevailing reality of social distancing, the stage has been transferred to the virtual world. This spoken word project calls for your artistry through digital mediums. Yet, it doesn’t make the impact any less powerful. The nuances of your spoken words will fly through screens, stirring emotions, inciting thoughts, and inspiring action across nations.

While your words inspire the audience, the project assures to inspire you with fair compensation. You will receive payment on a project-to-project basis. Each of your contributions will count and pay you back in kind, letting your passion fund your livelihood.

Job Details

So, passion has spoken to you? If that’s a resounding yes, listen closely to know what it entails. The spoken word project is an ongoing engagement. You will perform from your preferred location, bringing flexibility to your schedule.

Job Responsibilities

As a spoken word artist, your core responsibility is to write compelling pieces focusing on emotional health. Your powerful words should create an impactful message, promoting emotional well-being among viewers.


This spoken word project invites artists from all walks of life, from established professionals to budding newbies. All you need is a strong voice, a creative mind, and a steadfast dedication to fostering emotional health through your words.


Every passionate piece you bring forward to this project will present you with a payout. You will be rewarded on a project-to-project basis, where every effort you make counts.

In conclusion, the broadening domain of spoken word art offers numerous opportunities for seasoned and emerging artists alike. If you believe in the transformative potential of words and are excited to promote emotional health, take this chance to leave an imprint on countless hearts. This opportunity on Project Casting is yours for the taking. Grab it with both hands, because your words matter

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Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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