Brinc Introduces LiveOps Software for Enhanced Management of Drone Fleets


Key Takeaways:
– Brinc introduces a new software platform, LiveOps, for better management of drone fleets.
– LiveOps provides features like live streaming, real-time maps, communication systems, and evidence storage.
– The software may prove a competitor to Axon’s platform.
– LiveOps will be offered as part of Brinc’s core service to public safety agencies.

**Augmenting Drone Fleet Management**

Public safety technology firm, Brinc, has unveiled a fresh browser-based software platform, LiveOps. Primarily designed to manage and monitor drone fleets, the software features live streaming, real-time mapping, communication channels, and evidence storage options.

LiveOps supplements Brinc’s offerings beyond drone pilots to serve other emergency response team members. These include crisis negotiation experts, command staff, and other key operatives within the emergency services ecosystem. One notable feature is the provision of independent feeds for each team member, separate from the drone operator’s viewpoint during incidents.

**Comparisons with Axon’s Platform**

Brinc’s new software offers evidence storage and management, a feature highlighting its push into Axon’s domain. Axon is widely recognized for its production of body cameras and Taser, and its platform is broadly utilized by police. This Scottsdale-based company also operates a significant engineering and operations center in downtown Seattle.

**Availability and Pricing Details**

LiveOps will be offered as part of Brinc’s core service to public safety agencies, according to CEO, Blake Resnick. It will be complementing existing services like unlimited repair and replacement, training, and hardware upgrades. Unveiling the pricing details for the software, Resnick confirmed that this information was shared in an email response to GeekWire’s queries.

**Brinc’s Drone Capabilities**

Brinc’s drones are primarily designed for aiding first responders in hazardous situations. Their capabilities range from breaking through glass and flipping after a crash, to seeing in the dark and communicating via microphone. The firm’s current model, Lemur 2, and Brinc Ball, a two-way communications tool, exemplify these diverse capabilities.

**Company Background**

Founded in 2019, and based in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, the startup has secured over $80 million in total funding. It boasts a roster of prestigious backers including Index Ventures, Tusk Venture Partners, and Next Play Ventures. The latter venture capital firm was established by former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Notably, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was the first external investor in Brinc.


Brinc’s introduction of its LiveOps software signifies the continued evolution of technology in the domain of public safety. By providing comprehensive features such as live streaming, real-time mapping, and expansive communication options, LiveOps is poised to offer unprecedented support to drone operators and emergency response teams alike. The software’s evidence management and storage capabilities may put it on a collision course with existing giants like Axon in the future. It remains to be seen how this new offering reshapes the dynamics of drone fleet management in the rapidly advancing landscape of public safety technology.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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