Pollen Systems Acquires $2.4M Funding and Expands AI Agriculture Innovations Globally


Key Takeaways

– Seattle-based Ag-Tech startup, Pollen Systems, has raised $2.4 million in new capital, increasing company value to $24 million.
– The company aims to expand operations into ten new international regions this year.
– Pollen Systems employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the health and yield of high-value crops.
– It plans to establish new local subsidiaries and diversify into new sectors such as the paper, sugarcane, and coffee industries.

Pollen Systems Receives New Capital for Expansion

Seattle-area agriculture technology (ag-tech) start-up, Pollen Systems, has secured an infusion of $2.4 million in new capital funding. This exciting financial boost has enhanced the company’s overall worth, now pegged at an impressive $24 million, according to the Pollen Systems quarterly newsletter. Furthermore, the organization has expanded its talented team with the addition of nine fresh hires, strengthening its sales units in Spain, Peru, Singapore, and Southeast Asia.

Deploying AI to Aid Farmers

Launched in 2017, Pollen Systems harnesses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to optimize farming practices for high-value crops. The list of crops benefiting from their AI platform includes, but is not limited to, apples, avocados, blueberries, cannabis, cherries, citrus fruits, nuts, raspberries, rice, soybeans, and wine grapes.

Leveraging drone technology to capture aerial imagery, their unique platform breaks down data to the level of individual plants and trees. By employing visual AI, Pollen Systems can accurately assess the health of crops to bolster production and sustainability.

Tailored Crop Management Plans

The company doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. From helping wine grape farmers understand irrigation needs across different seasons to monitoring for pests and heat stress, Pollen Systems provides farming guidance tailored to each crop. They also predict the harvest yield, forming an integral part of farmers’ strategic planning as they strive to maximize yield and profits.

Targeting Global Expansion

Currently, Pollen Systems has operations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Chile, and Spain. Ambitious growth plans, however, aim to extend its reach across the globe. With their eyes set on densifying their global footprint, the ag-tech startup aims to establish its presence in ten new countries this year. The anticipated expansion regions include the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Rwanda.

Diversification and New Markets

While maintaining its consistent focus on enhancing agricultural practices, Pollen Systems also plans to diversify its operations. It aims to infiltrate new sectors such as the paper industry, sugarcane, and coffee by establishing local subsidiaries abroad.

With competitors including SemiosBio Tech, Ceres Imaging, and Taranis, expanding into these new markets represents bold progression for the determined startup. Founder and CEO Keith McCall, a former Microsoft executive, is leveraging his experience to navigate a competitive ag-tech landscape and ensure Pollen Systems remains at the forefront of tech-enabled agricultural solutions.


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