Veeam Moves HQ to Seattle, Hits $1.5B in Recurring Revenue


Key Takeaways:
– Veeam Software, leading data protection firm, has relocated its HQ to Kirkland, Seattle from Columbus, Ohio.
– The move is a strategic one, made to keep the company close to major cloud providers and a large pool of technical talents.
– The company’s value hit $5B after a 2020 acquisition by Insight Partners.
– Veeam recently partnered with Microsoft to develop AI solutions and looks to grow its 5,000 strong global workforce.

Seattle Welcomes Veeam Software to its Tech Hub

Leading data protection and ransomware recovery company, Veeam Software, has officially changed its headquarters from Columbus, Ohio, to Kirkland, Washington. Close to Seattle, the new location brings Veeam nearer to leading cloud providers and an impressive pool of IT talents.

New Dawn for Veeam Software

Veeam Software’s shift to Carillon Point in Kirkland signifies a new beginning for the company. After its whereabouts got moved from Switzerland to the US following its acquisition by Insight Partners in March 2020, the company’s valuation soared to an impressive $5 billion. CEO Anand Eswaran, who joined Veeam in December 2021, stated the intention was always to bring the firm’s epicenter here. Citing the abundance of talent, core tech skills, and the innovative tech landscape, the move made perfect sense, he confirmed.

Partnerships and Growth Commitment

The software giant recently fortified its alliance with Microsoft through a five-year strategic partnership. This collaboration involves the joint development of AI solutions, integrating Veeam’s products with Microsoft Copilot and other AI services, and co-selling Veeam Data Cloud with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Veeam also boasts partners like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Oracle.

Veeam Software currently employs over 5,000 staff across the globe, with offices in 50 different countries, including Ohio, New York, Georgia, and Arizona in the US. The company is looking to expand its workforce of 50 in Seattle.

Impressive Market Performance

Last year, a report by IDC crowned Veeam the top company in data protection and data replication by market share, outshining competitors such as Dell, IBM, Veritas, and Commvault. Another report by Gartner in August 2023 lauded Veeam as a leader based on its execution ability, customer growth and retention, hybrid and multicloud support, and vast partner network.

Veeam Shielding against Cyber Threats

The increased focus on data protection and backup is spearheaded by the rising threat of ransomware and other cyber risks. Veeam provides services for data protection, restoration, and recovery from attacks. Its features include backup of virtual, physical, and cloud-based machines and several services for testing and verification.

Eswaran highlighted key findings from the company’s 2024 Data Protection Trends Report, which included that 75% of companies suffered at least one ransomware attack in the past year, with 80% of these affected companies paying the ransom.

The Cricket Connection

Veeam’s connection with cricket comes from its sponsorship of the Seattle Orcas, the new Major League Cricket franchise in the region. CEO Eswaran, a cricket lover who grew up in India, sees the move to Seattle and this sponsorship as fitting counterparts.

Despite what challenges may arise, it seems clear that Veeam Software is poised for significant growth in its new home and the broader tech industry.

Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne
Jonathan Browne is the CEO and Founder of Livy.AI

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